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Safety Where We Live, Work and Play

Fire Safety & Mock Drill (ERT) Training Program

Fire is the major disaster in manufacturing facilities, offices, multi stories buildings, hotels, Government/PSU, institutions and other industries. Target audience, types of training & how frequently these trainings to be conducted are major issue in Corporates & public sector units. What actions to be taken by an individual if there is a fire are likely to be crucial to their safety and that of other people in the premises. Each & every person should go through basic fire safety training and refresher trainings periodically.

We should ensure that all employee including contract workers should go through basic fire safety training including use of firefighting equipment, way to assembly area, Emergency contact numbers, Fire Emergency Plan and the Emergency Escape Routes.

Some employees being appointed as fire marshal (Emergency Response Team) or being given some additional responsibilities, for them additional training is be required including knowledge of fire equipments , how to use, liaising with internal & external fire and rescue service & fire drill.

To evaluate the effectiveness, you may need to conduct regular drills.

What Safety Circle can do?

  • Train Fire Instructors (Trained The Trainer)
  • Fire Safety & Mock Drill.
  • Fire Audit.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan/ Exit Routs.
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Training and Consultancy Provided by Safety Circle:

Health & Wellness Training Programs

  • Emergency Response Care-CPR, First-Aid
  • Refresher First-aid
  • CPR & AED
  • Women Health & Safety
  • Child Health & Safety
  • Diet & Nutrition

Safety Programs

  • Behavioural Bases Safety
  • Occupation Health & General Safety
  • Defensive Driving/Road Safety- 2 wheeler
  • Defensive Driving/Road Safety- 4 wheeler
  • Fire Safety & Drill
  • Industrial Safety ( General Over all)
  • Electrical Safety
  • Working on Heights/Fall Protection
  • Permit to Work
  • Good House keeping
  • COSHH Assessment ( Dangerous Good)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Confined Space Safety
  • Chemical Safety
  • Forklift/Crane/Tower Safety
  • Lockout- tag out
  • Construction Safety
  • Scaffolding Safety

Disaster Management Programs

  • Disaster Preparedness ( Natural & Manmade)
  • Search & Rescue
  • Disaster Management Plans
  • Evacuation Drills

Employee Wellness Programmes

  • Ergonomics & Postures
  • Stress Management
  • Work Life Balance

Inspection and Audit

  • HSE Audit
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Fire Safety Audit
  • Event Safety Audit
  • Construction Site Inspection
  • Forklift/Crane Inspection
  • Confined Space Inspection
  • Scaffolding Inspection