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Safety Where We Live, Work and Play

Training and Consultancy Services

First aid Training Program

In today's busy and hectic life style the occurrence of medical emergencies like sudden cardiac arrest, strokes and other life threatening...
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Road Safety and Defensive Driving Training Program

Road accident/injuries are a major but neglected public health challenge that requires concerted efforts for effective...
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Disaster Management Training Program

In Disaster Management / Emergency situations / Response planning, Organizations / Corporates, communities only plan for threats most likely to...
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Industrial Safety Training Program

The importance of industrial safety was realized because thousands of industrial accidents occur which result in either death or in either death or in...
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School Safety Training Program

No task is as important as creating safe learning environment for our nation children. Events related to children deaths due to building collapse...
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Fire Safety & Mock Drill (ERT) Training Program

Fire is the major disaster in manufacturing facilities, offices, multi stories buildings, hotels, Government/PSU...
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Safety, Inspection, Audit & Consultancy Services

Safety Circle believes in a strong safety culture and we put our continuous effort to provide our clients with a safe & Healthy working environment...
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Employee Wellness Training Program

In today competitive environment every company is fiercely competing with the others to gain market share and create possible differentiators. State of art technologies and advanced...
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