Keeping People healthy, injury-free and productive.

Safety Circle India , a 18 year old organization, specializes in Audits, Trainings and provides consultancy in Health & Safety.

Safety circle India has placed an expert team in every state, focusing on comprehensive training programs, consultation and management support and specialty support services to different segment like employee safety training programs, Industrial safety, school safety programs, Road safety training and many more.

About Us
Safety Circle India Training


Safety Circle is a one-stop shop for all your Health and Safety audit, training, and consultancy requirements. We have senior in-house experts and faculty which brings in the wealth of industrial and institutional experience from varied industries.

Pan India services

We provide pan India services to all the large organisations. We are a preferred safety services partner for various companies as we provide all health, wellness and safety services across the country in their plants, offices, warehouses, construction sites and dealership networks.

SAARC Training Assignments

Provided training & consultation in SAARC nations.

Serving Forbes 500 Companies

Served companies operating in IT/ITES, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, FMCG, Communication & Oil industry.

Safety Where We Live, Work And Play

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Health & Wellness training

First Aid, CPR and AED Training. A training programme on how rescuers should perform vital first aid and basic life support techniques.Read More »

Defensive driving and road safety training

Pledged to bring behavioral changes, making responsible drivers to drive safe, keeping roads safer.Read More »

Fire Safety training

Sensitizing every employee and preparing them for the worst, we provide intensive Fire Safety Training and create virtual ambiance with mock drills that gives practical experience to the trainee.Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR team is proficient in preparing, implementing and monitoring a cohesive, strategic and integrated CSR plan.Read More »

Disaster Preparedness training & plan

We offer stimulating, real-time environments for training program. It helps to bring confidence, hands-on experience and quick decision making among participants needed during any sort of disaster situation.Read More »

Industrial Safety Training Program

We work on maintaining your regulatory compliance, formulation & implementation of safety plans. Our safety training are employee-focused, work on boosting their morale, well-being and making workplaces safer.Read More »


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