First Aid Training

You can't always control a situation,
what you can control is how to react.

CPR and First Aid Training

Welcome to our First Aid Training Program, where we are committed to equipping individuals with the life-saving skills of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). A quick and effective response can mean the difference between life and death in emergencies. Our one-day CPR training program is designed to empower participants with the knowledge and confidence to act swiftly and appropriately in critical moments. Join us and become a certified CPR responder who can make a life-saving difference when it matters most.

Our CPR and First Aid Training Programs are dedicated to equipping individuals with life-saving skills through our comprehensive CPR training. In today’s world, emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. Having the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively can mean the difference between life and death. We empower you with the necessary tools to save lives and make a difference.

Our Expertise in CPR and First Aid Training

Expert Instructors:

Our CPR training program is led by highly skilled instructors experienced in emergency medical services. They possess extensive knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring you receive the highest quality training from professionals passionate about saving lives.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our CPR training program covers all essential aspects of CPR, including chest compressions, rescue breaths, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) usage. Through interactive presentations, hands-on practice, and realistic simulations, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that prepares you to respond confidently in emergencies.


Participants receive a nationally recognized certification upon completing our CPR training program. This certification demonstrates your competence in CPR techniques and can be valuable for various professional roles or personal development.

Flexible Training Options:

We understand that individuals have different schedules and commitments. We offer flexible training options, including weekday, weekend, and evening sessions. Choose the training slot that best suits your needs, ensuring you can receive this life-saving training without inconvenience.

State-of-the-Art Training Facilities:

Our training facilities have state-of-the-art resources and equipment to create a realistic learning environment. That allows participants to practice CPR techniques on industry-standard mannequins and use AED simulators, ensuring a hands-on experience that mirrors real-life scenarios.

First Aid Training and CPR

Our Services:

One-Day First Aid Training:

Our flagship program is a comprehensive one-day first aid training course covering all the skills and knowledge needed to respond to emergencies confidently. You will learn vital techniques such as CPR and first aid training for wounds, fractures, burns, etc.

On-site First Aid Training:

We offer on-site training solutions, bringing our expert instructors to your location. This option is ideal for organizations looking to train their employees in a familiar and convenient setting.

Online First Aid Training:

For individual candidates who are not able to attend physical first aid training can also get trained in first aid with our online live sessions. The training ranges from 2 – 8 hours as training levels from beginners to advance. 

Group First Aid Training:

We provide group training options for organizations and community groups. That allows for a cohesive learning experience and fosters teamwork and collaboration in emergencies.

Refresher Trainings:

For those who have previously completed first aid training, we offer refresher courses to update your skills and knowledge. Regular practice and review are crucial to maintaining proficiency in life-saving techniques

First Aid Training

Learn vital first aid training to administer emergency care and stabilize injured victims. Act swiftly before medical professionals arrive.

BLS/ACLS Training

This course trains people on the knowledge and skill required in the most crucial time of life-saving.

Women Safety

Empower women with safety training, addressing their health concerns and combating gender discrimination.

Work-life Balance

Attain health and wellness with our Work-life Balance program. Master time management, balance work and home, and prioritize tasks.

Child Health & Safety

Enhance child health & safety in childcare centers through specialized training. Prioritize well-being, ensuring adherence to health & safety standards.

Ergonomics & Poster Training

Address physical, cognitive, and organizational challenges for enhanced health, wellness, and error reduction in everyday life.

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

Promote health and wellness by addressing musculoskeletal injuries caused by poor posture and lack of ergonomic care.

Yoga Program

Explore the transformative power of yoga, a holistic practice unifying mind, body, and spirit.

Stress Management Program

Embrace a healthier lifestyle by managing stress effectively. You have the power to shape your response.

Meditation & Breathwork

Discover powerful self-awareness techniques through meditation and breathwork. Train attention with mindfulness and enhance mind-body connection.

Why Hire Safety Circle?

Expertise and Experience:

Our team of instructors comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in first aid and emergency response. We have trained individuals from various industries and backgrounds, giving them the tools they need to succeed to handle critical situations. When you hire us, you can trust that you are learning from experts passionate about sharing their knowledge and empowering others.

Comprehensive and Relevant Training:

Our first aid training program is designed to cover a wide range of essential topics, ensuring you are equipped with the necessary skills to handle real-life emergencies. We stay updated with the latest guidelines and best practices in the first aid field, providing you with relevant and practical knowledge. We aim to ensure that you feel confident and prepared to respond effectively.

Customized Solutions:

We understand that each organization and group may have unique requirements for first aid training. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require training for a specific industry, workplace, or community group, we can develop a program that addresses your unique challenges and concerns.

Interactive and Engaging Training Methods:

Learning should be engaging and interactive. Our training sessions incorporate various teaching methods, including hands-on practice, simulations, and group activities. That ensures you understand the concepts and gain practical experience, enabling you to apply your skills confidently.

Ongoing Support and Refresher Courses:

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the training course. We offer constant assistance and resources to help you stay updated and refresh your skills. We offer refresher courses for individuals who have previously completed our training, allowing you to periodically review and reinforce your knowledge.


Take your time with an emergency to realize the importance of first aid training. Take control of your safety and the well-being of those around you by enrolling in our comprehensive one-day first-aid training. Become knowledgeable, competent, and self-assured to respond effectively in critical situations.

At our First Aid Training Programme, we are dedicated to empowering people. with the knowledge and skills to respond confidently in emergencies. Our comprehensive one-day training program, led by experienced instructors, covers various first aid techniques, ensuring you are prepared to handle various emergencies effectively.

Whether you are a professional, parent, educator, or concerned community member, our training will empower you to make a difference and potentially save lives. Take the first step towards becoming a certified first aider and join us for a transformative learning experience.

Contact us today to learn more about our training options and secure your spot in our next session. Together, let’s create a safer and more prepared community.

Remember, in emergencies, every second counts. Choose our First Aid Training Program and be prepared to make a difference when it matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is first aid training only for medical professionals?

No, first aid training is beneficial for everyone. Accidents and emergencies can occur in any setting, and having the skills to respond effectively can save lives. Our training programs are designed for individuals from all backgrounds, whether you are a healthcare professional, educator, parent, or concerned community member.

How long will be certification valid?

Our certification is valid till two years. We advise you attending refresher courses to update your knowledge and maintain your certification.

What if I have a busy schedule and cannot commit to a full-day training?

We understand that schedules can be tight. We offer flexible choices for training, such as evening and weekend classes, to accommodate various needs. Get in touch with us to discuss the available options.

Do your instructors have credentials and experience?

Absolutely! Our instructors are certified professionals with extensive experience in emergency response and first aid training. They are passionate about educating individuals on life-saving techniques and ensuring you receive the highest quality training.