Audits & Inspection

Your Safety Police

Audits & Inspections

Your Safety Police

Safety is our number one priority – we want you to be safe on site.

This includes assessing overall health and safety audits training performance against legislation and regulations, as well as checking compliance with good practice guidelines.

Our services include:

Inspection and audit HSE audit ISO- 45001 Fire safety audit event safety audit construction site inspection forklift and crane inspection confined space inspection scaffolding inspection road safety audit ergonomics audit electrical safety audit warehouse safety audit thermography audit.

We have a team of experienced Safety Auditors who can ensure that your site is safe at all times. Our auditors will conduct thorough inspections of your premises, including all equipment, machinery, materials, and people. We also carry out regular operational checks to check if any changes need to be made to ensure everyone stays safe.

Health and Safety Audit | Electrical Safety Audit

Why are Audits Important?

Health and Safety Audit

Safety is a matter of life and death. The more you know about safety, the better you can protect your employees, customers, and assets. Safety is a vital part of our business, so we must be proactive in ensuring that our company complies with all relevant legislation and standards. We aim to provide our customers with a safe working environment that is free from health and safety risks, thereby eliminating the need for health and safety audits training to ensure safety at all times.

Safety audit procedures help to identify potential hazards and control risks before they become problems for the employees or the public.


EHS Audits

An environmental health and safety (EHS) audit is a structured process of collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the total system and drawing up plans for corrective action.

Event Safety Audit

The success of an event is measured in many ways but events must also be measured in terms of safety.

School Audit

School audits are planned audit processes, done to ensure that different aspects regarding children safety like structural safety, medical safety, transport safety etc. are being followed within the school premises.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001:2018 outlines requirements for occupational health and safety audits training management aimed at ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. These requirements focus on preventing work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as actively enhancing an organization's occupational health and safety (OH&S) performance.

Construction Site Inspection

Site inspections are a set of regular activities to check and verify the on-field compliance including Safety Standards, working conditions, and other critical areas of work site.

Fire Safety Audit

A Fire Safety Audit is an examination of your business' premises and relevant documents by fire safety inspectors, to ascertain how your premises are being managed with regards to fire safety.

Forklift/Crane Inspection

Determining forklift condition, remembering to check the top clip retaining pin and heel. Ensuring load backrest extension functions properly.

Confined Space Inspection

A confined space is one which is both enclosed, or largely enclosed, and which also has a reasonably foreseeable risk to workers like fire, explosion, loss of consciousness, asphyxiation or drowning.

Scaffolding Inspection

Inspecting all scaffold components prior to assembly to ensure that components used are from same manufacturer's and in good condition before becoming a part of a completed scaffold.

Thermography Audit

Thermographic audit is a non-destructive testing method used to detect and measure small temperature differences to help find deterioration in assets and plant sites.

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit is about examining the safety & security of electrical installations of any industrial unit or organization.

Warehouse Safety Audit

Warehouse audit is a failsafe procedure to protect the bottom line by ensuring safety protocols are followed, inventory is accurately counted, and operations run smoothly.

Journey Risk Management

Journey Risk Management is a scientific approach towards making journeys safe and efficient.