Ensure Fire Safety, Save life Save Property

Fire Safety

Fire safety is essential in the workplace to avoid and defend against the destruction caused by fire. Fire safety decreases the danger of harm and property damage caused by flames. Developing and implementing fire safety measures in the workplace is not only mandated by law, but it is critical to the protection of everyone who may be present in the building during a fire emergency. Over the course of time, we have developed Fire safety training and services with live demonstrations to make your life safer.

What We Offer
Evacuation Drills
Workplace Fire Safety
Wild Fire Safety
Fire Extinguisher Training
Material Safety

Why is it Important?

Fire being one of the biggest reasons due to which many lives are taken every year,  which is why it becomes extremely important for every laymen to be aware of different aspects of fire & safety in order to be able to tackle with different kinds of emergencies like fire emergency, earthquake emergency, flood emergency etc. at any given point of time.

Preparedness towards emergencies.
Accurate response to emergencies.
Better understanding of the vicinity.
Confident residing.
Safer surroundings

Fire Extinguisher Training

Evacuation Drills

Workplace Fire Safety Training

Wild Fire Safety Training

Fire Emergency Response Teams

Material Safety Training

Fire Consultancy Services

Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Suppression System


Fire Alarm Detection System

Public Address System