Health & Safety Training/ Consultancy


Safety Training & Consultancy

Safety Circle has developed a unique solution that provides access to all types of health and safety training for anyone with an interest in improving their health or well-being.

We offer services to help you strengthen your health and safety training policies and procedures. We can also provide you with a certificate of completion to show that your company has met the required compliances/ regulations.

Our training programs, audit & consultancy services, and safety workshops have become an integral part of the safety initiatives of a large number of corporations, institutions, and the general public. We have customized services and solutions designed for all types of communities and businesses including manufacturing, construction, and service industries (transport, education, hospitality, IT, and others). Both Online and On-Site Training are available.

What we bring to the table


A training program on how rescuers should perform vital first aid and basic life support techniques.


Formulation & implementation of safety plans. Our safety training is employee-focused, working on boosting their morale, and well-being and making workplaces safer.


Sensitizing every employee we create a virtual ambiance with mock drills that give practical experience to the trainee.
Disaster management training


Stimulating, real-time environments to bring confidence, hands-on experience, and quick decision-making among participants needed during any sort of disaster situation.


Pledged to bring behavioral changes, making responsible drivers to drive safe, keeping roads safer.


All students and educators have the right to attend schools that are safe and conducive to learning and achievement.

Trainers in Action

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Trainers in Action

First Responders Course Training

Defensive Driving

Scaffolding Training

Behavioral Safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Safety Circle Stands For?

The word “Safety Circle” has an in-depth insight into its meaning. The word “Safety” demonstrates the protectiveness, caring and nurturing environment. While the word “Circle” signify completeness, wholeness and fullness.

With Safety Circle, safety comes in wholeness, for all domains.

What is Unique About Our Services?

Safety Circle endows you with 360-degree safety solutions, the solutions that match up with the pace of this era that is innovative, cutting edge & reliable.

Safety Circle provides you with a complete solution to all your safety needs.

Do we Offer Certification programme?

We offer services to help you strengthen your safety and health policies and procedures. We also provide you with a certificate of completion to show that your company has met the required compliances/ regulations.

What is benefit of taking service from safety circle?

At Safety Circle, all risks & hazards reduce and life becomes safe, as we deal in health and safety trainings, audits and consultancy services for all domains. We envelop you with our omni-directional safety and measures that are quite effective and efficient.


  • Best and reliable after sales services
  • Comprehensive Safety Solutions
  • Customized deliverables to the diverse safety needs
  • Team of professionals with extensive experience
  • Unique approach to life long learning
  • Practical Demonstration