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A Guide to Scaffolding Inspector Training

Scaffolding provides crucial access for work at height, but also introduces risks of serious injuries and fatalities if not erected, loaded, or dismantled properly. A thorough inspection by competent personnel is vital for identifying scaffold defects before failures occur. That’s why rigorous training of scaffolding inspectors is a crucial investment for worksite safety. In this...

Supporting A Culture of Safety During National Safety Week

Observed annually in India during the first week of March, National Safety Week aims to raise safety awareness across all industries to help prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. This year’s (2024) National Safety Day/Week theme is “Focus on Safety Leadership for ESG Excellence.” This will create work cultures where care for people and stewardship of...

Managing Occupational Safety and Health Risks in the Oil & Gas Industry

Working in the oil and gas industry is a risky and challenging job because it is one of the most hazardous work environments on the planet. Keeping people safe in this industry is no easy feat, but it’s absolutely critical. They deal with highly flammable materials, extreme pressures and temperatures, hazardous chemicals, cramped confined spaces,...

Home Fire Safety

Home fires typically start without any notice and can quickly spread across the entire house. Smoke is the first warning indication, and even a tiny fire may do significant damage.

Distracted Driving

The different kind of activities like eating, drinking, talking to your passengers, feeding with the music system, navigation system, or entertainment, having a glance at the will board, personal grooming or other distractions take your focus away from safe driving which can prove risky for your life and is known as “Distracted Driving.”